Southern Stars


In which Rebecca returns home

On May 8th we took a mini bus from Nkhotakota to Dwangwa and from there on to Nkhata Bay. The trip had more that it’s fair share of entertainment everything from a conductor fight to a drunk man on the last stretch of the ride but at the end of it we arrived, home, in Nkhata Bay. We stayed the night at Mayoka, in the exact same room that I stayed in on my first night in Nkhata Bay. It’s strange how things work out sometimes. Like Gene and I two years ago, Aliya and Lucas were startled by how touristy Nkhata Bay is and overwhelmed by Mayoka’s menu. From our room I called home and managed to get a hold of Ada Mbotwa. He was so excited that he initially said that we should come anytime; it was my home after all. However he soon remembered that Ama and he were going to the farm in the morning so we should come in the afternoon.

We spent the morning roaming through town, me pointing out familiar things and things that had changed (among the new paint jobs, there’s an ice cream store!), Aliya and Lucas bumping along behind me taking it in. We had breakfast a blue restaurant with curtains hidden in the market that says it has chipati and never does and lunch at H&M where I used to go for lunch with Mr. Niryenda. After lunch I couldn’t take it anymore and we headed up the hill towards home.

As I walked towards the back of the house yelling “Odi” (Is anyone home?) Pious poked his head around the corner. He was the size of Tobias when I left and so I mistakenly called out “Tobi?” and quickly corrected myself. Moments after Julianna leapt around the corner and wrapped me in a furious hug that sent me falling into the house wall. Paul followed with a more composed handshake accompanied by a broad smile and we were ushered inside.

We sat and Paul welcomed us in the typical Malawian formal way. We quickly found out that in my excitement we had jumped the gun, Ama and Ada were still at the farm. Paul urged us to sleep in the house that night so I suggested that we should go and get our things (which we had left at Mayoka) and Juli could flash us when Ama and Ada got home.

We paid our bill at Mayoka and tootled around on the beach waiting for the call. Eventually it came and we took at taxi filled with our bags. Just like the last time I arrived our bags were whisked away to an unknown location. Unlike last time I was wrapped in the arms of Ama as we were walked into the house, this time I was welcomed like family.


2 comments on “Homecoming

  1. heidibess92
    May 19, 2015

    This post makes me so happy!

  2. saradmitri
    May 24, 2015

    Smiling so much right now!

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