Southern Stars

For Reference: Our Itinerary

In which Rebecca outlines the month

I know that I haven’t done a great job outlining everything that we’ve been up to and the stories that I’m telling definitely don’t make for a coherent story. To remedy this I wanted to give you a timeline so that you can see where the stories fit into the trip as a whole. (I have noted where some blog posts are with italics.)

April 27- Leave Edmonton mid afternoon

April 28 – A few hours in Amsterdam

April 29-May 1 –Arrive in Lilongwe (First few days in Malawi, Democracy)

May 2 – Travel to Liwonde and visit Franny’s family

May 3-4 – Travel to Mulanje and climb up the Boma path and to the waterfall (Mzungus in Mulanje)

May 5 – Travel to Lilongwe

May 6 – Travel to Salima and spend the day with Gene (Salima)

May 7- Travel to Nkhotakota and visit Mariams family

May 8 – Travel to Nkhata Bay and arrive very late at night

May 9 – (Homecoming!)

May 15- (Graduation) and take Aliya to Mzuzu

May 21 – (Work Update)

May 23 – Leave for Lilongwe

May 25 – Renew visas stuff (painless process where we saw someone who was on the bus from Nkhata Bay) and head to Bua

Yet to come:

June 2 – Travel to Lilongwe and hang out until we head to the airport (in progress)

June 3 – Travel home (somehow all in one day)


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