Southern Stars

to run a house in Malawi i would need…

In which Rebecca plays house

Lucas and I have been given our own place to stay, which is lovely both to increase privacy and to allow us to be more independent. As a result I’ve been thinking about what would be needed in order to set up house in Malawi. Here is the list I came up with for a household of 2 people:

2 Basins (for clothes and dish washing)

2 mats (for sleeping on and one for sitting on drying maize etc.)

1 mattress (for sleeping on)

1 bed net

1 blanket

1 sheet

2 pillows

2 sectioned plates (for eating nsima and relish)

4 tin plates (for serving nsima and relish)

1 nsima stick

1 nsima scooper

2 spoons (for sugar in your tea)

2 mugs (for tea)

1 jug (for hand washing)

3 cups (two for drinking, one for hair washing)

2 pots (one small for tea or relish and one large for sweet potatoes or nsima)

3 bricks (for resting the pot on while cooking)

1 bottle (for oil)

1 knife

1 length of rope (for a clothes line)

2 stools

1 table

1 brush (for cleaning)

1 stiff broom (for outside)

1 soft broom (for inside)

2 water carrying buckets

This is what I came up with as the minimum; the first things I would add are a few extra settings for guests and a tea thermos. It’s nice to remember how little you actually need to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

P.S. If you think I missed something vital let me know!


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