Southern Stars

Restaurants and choices

In which Rebecca questions extensive Canadian menus (Written 2 years ago and finished today) I tried to write this post several times while I was in Malawi but the words … Continue reading

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Mzungu’s in Mulanje

Written on May 4th Word of the post: mpando (chichewa): chair To those of you who are reading both my and Aliya’s blogs: I will do my best not to … Continue reading

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The first few days in Malawi

Written on May 1st We arrived in Malawi on Wednesday, successfully navigating customs and having our all of our bags delivered. As we drove in the from the airport in … Continue reading

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A few hours in Amsterdam

Written on April 29th On the way to Malawi our flights took us through Toronto, Amsterdam and Nairobi. We had a 9-hour lay over in Amsterdam and so decided to … Continue reading

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I’m leaving on a jet plane….

…don’t know when I will be back again. Two years ago I promised myself (and many Malawians) that I would come back when I graduated in 2015, it seemed to be … Continue reading

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A collection of thoughts about home Chitimbuka word of the post: banja (family) A house isn’t a home until someone lives in it It is my last week in Nkhata … Continue reading

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In which Rebecca finds parallels in her reading and her thoughts Chitibumka word of the post: buku – book With all the traveling I do I have a surprising amount … Continue reading

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